How To Pick a Domain Name


The online landscape has change dramatically over the years and so has the criteria when choosing a domain name. Choosing a domain can be tricky and there are definitely things you need to consider before you register.


This is so important! I love my domain name but admittedly I didn't research it that well. Once I secured my domain and got my website up and running I discovered that I was competing with the SCOUTS!! (you know, the one's that camp and build fires and are a worldwide organisation). My website started on pages 7-8 on Google which is not good at all! However, with some good SEO practices, I managed to get Scout Digital ranking first on Google. So when you are doing your research see what you are competing with. Also check if it's been trademarked or has any copyright restrictions by other companies because it's better to check now rather than migrate your up and running website to another domain.



The .COM domain extension has been the most popular since the birth of the internet but now we are limited with choice because of it's popularity and most of the quality .COMs have been taken. However there is a trend now to select domain extensions suited to particular industries, for example, popular extensions for the design and tech industries are .IO, .CREATIVE, .DESIGN and online businesses with an online shop or e-commerce use extentions such as .ONLINE, .STORE, .WEBSITE. There are so many to choose from and the list is growing all of the time.

For more personal websites, portfolios or blogs the use of .ME is becoming more popular. These usually go hand in hand with domain names using a person's own name.



Keeping your domain name short and simple is key when choosing a memorable domain. If you have a long domain name, consider shortening it. The longer the domain the easier it is to misspell which means your website won't be discovered. 

Using hyphens, underscores or letters is also a no no as it is difficult for people to know where to put them in your domain or they forget altogether. It's not so crash hot for SEO either as domain names are a huge part of good SEO. Your domain name is the primary identifier to where your link will lead to whether it be social media or search engines. So stick to simple words that will describe your website.



For local businesses stick with domain's that are targeted to your area. Most countries have their own domain extensions but now we are seeing TLDs for areas such as .NYC and .TOKYO.  Scout Digital has both international and local clientele so I have chosen a non geo specific domain, however, if I were doing business locally I would choose an Irish TLD .IE.

*TLD (Top-level Domain) Refers to the end part of a domain name or after the "DOT"



If you are planning on going BIG with your website you may want to think about securing your domain name from your competition. A way to do this is to buy your domain with popular domain extensions such 

  • .COM
  • .NET
  • .ORG
  • .CO
  • .ME

Once you've registered these you can direct them to your main website. If you have a domain in mind, act quickly as domains are snapped up very quickly.


Over + Out

Claire Jakstas