How to Create a Risograph Effect in Photoshop

As a designer I use Photoshop a lot! It is in my arsenal of creative tools, however, I have noticed lately that I only really use it for image editing and resizing. I do most of my "creative" work in either Illustrator, Lightroom or Indesign. This got me thinking about when I first started as a designer, I learnt most of my design skills in Photoshop. Photoshop can do so many amazing things that I just don't take advantage of and I should, because it is awesome.

So I created a little tutorial on how to create a Risograph effect to whet the old Photoshop appetite. A Risograph is a style of printing that prints one colour at a time. Combined with the a halftone effect, it can make for some really cool art work which can either be printed and mounted, used as a graphic image on a website or even branding. 

It's an oldie but a goodie but I love this effect!



Choose a high resolution image, right click and copy.

Open Photoshop >file >new >paste image.

Once you have the image up go layers panel >right click image layer >convert to smart image.



Once image is converted to a smart image you then go to >filter >pixelate >colour halftone. Change the settings in the pop up to 8px and then all channels to 45 degrees.


Once you have applied the effect the image should now look very pixelated.



At the bottom of the layers panel go to >adjustment layer (half circle icon) >threshold.

This should change the image to black + white. Once the image is changed to black + white you can now pick a colour of your choice.

To do this, simply go back into the >adjustment layer >solid colour >choose your colour.

Now go to the >blending menu >screen. See below:

Risograph Tutorial


You should now have an image which looks something like this:


To distort the pixels so they don't look so digitised, go to your image layer in your layer palette.

Choose >filter >filters gallery > >distortion >glass.

Make sure there is only one filter chosen which will be glass in this instance.

Change the setting in glass pop up to >distortion 8 >smoothness 6 >texture canvas >scaling 100.

Risograph tutorial

Press OK and Voila, you are done!